Liberty and Freedom. Hegel on Civil Society and the Political State


  • Günter Zöller University of Munich Alemania


Palabras clave:

Liberty, Freedom, Civil Society, State


The contribution places Hegel‘s political philosophy, chieflypresented in Elementsof the Philosophy of Right from 1820 but already adumbrated in The GermanConstitution from 1799-1802, intothe context of the quarrel between the ancients and the moderns about the relation between thecitizen andthe stateand the corresponding differentiation of political freedom and civil liberty. In particular, the contribution attributes to Hegel a third, conciliatory position beyond the establishedopposition between the ancient republican ideal of civic commitment and service and the modern emphasis on individual choiceand personal self-fulfillment.


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Zöller, G. (2022). Liberty and Freedom. Hegel on Civil Society and the Political State. Studia Hegeliana, 8, 7–24.