Ownership, Productivity and Firms´ Life-Cycle

Keywords: Family firm, Productivity, Life-cicle, Endogeneity, Cobb-Douglas production function


Empirical evidence on productivity differences between family owned and non-family owned firms is still sparse and reveals conflicting results. Unlike previous studies, we analyse the effect firm´s life cycle on productivity using a large sample of non-listed firms. Furthermore, we consider a model with heterogeneity of inputs between the two types of firms and addressing possible endogeneity problems. We conclude that there are no significant differences in productivity between family and non-family firms, for both startup/growth and mature stages of life cycle.  Furthermore, labour seems to be the  main determinant of family firms’ productivity, which  is especially evident for firms in the mature stage.

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Galego, A., Mira, N., & Silva, J. V. (2019). Ownership, Productivity and Firms´ Life-Cycle. European Journal of Family Business, 8(2), 139-150. https://doi.org/10.24310/ejfbejfb.v8i2.5228
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