EJFB seeks to cover a gap in the family-business research landscape by encouraging dialogue among a growing and diverse community, including researchers, entrepreneurs, business owners and managers, practitioners, consultants, policy makers and other family business stakeholders. EJFB intends to advance our knowledge about family business and entrepreneurial family, providing thus insights and advices of interest for business practice based on rigorous research.


EJFB answers to calls to bridge the gap between research and practice by facilitating communication in both directions:

From academia to practice: through rigorous and original research papers presented in a more practice-oriented language and format (research oriented to practice) as well as through state-of-the-art reviews that compile what is known about a topic in a way that is useful to practitioners and scholars (reviews).

From practice to academia: through the identification of empirical evidence that challenges existing theories or ideas (data driven insights) and through the development of new ideas based on practice but not yet sufficiently developed by the academic world (new insights).

Connecting academia and practice: becoming a meeting-point where the rich heterogeneity of the family business realm presents competing perspectives side by side (point/counterpoint debates), introducing readers to the central tensions and debates of the field.

Please visit our information page on Author Guidelines  before submitting your manuscript taking into consideration that manuscripts should be based on both academic research and be practice oriented. EJFB also welcomes contributions from different countries with different sociocultural contexts.

Publication frecuency

EJFB has a periodicity of two (2) issues per year: June and December.