Developing translation knowledge and competences in language students


  • Ritva Leppihalme Universidad de Málaga Finlandia



This article presents a research-based second-year translation course from L2 (English) into L1 in a university foreign-language department. The course aims at giving future language professionals awareness of issues discussed in translation research and to develop critical thinking and problem-solving competence by increased experience in source-text analysis and target-text production. The focus is on translation knowledge and translation problems. Target-text clarity and readability are seen as essential goals. Students are encouraged to make the transition from an overly faithful approach to one that is functionally appropriate. It is argued that if teachers build their courses on their own holistic approach to translation studies, this may work better in the classroom than presenting a number of theories separately during the course.


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Leppihalme, R. (2016). Developing translation knowledge and competences in language students. Redit - Revista Electrónica De Didáctica De La Traducción Y La Interpretación, (1), 57–76.