The impact of family business strategies on hotel room prices


  • Ismael P. Soler Universidad de Málaga, Programa de Doctorado de Economía y Empresa, Plaza El Ejido s/n, 29013 Málaga, Spain Spain
  • Germán Gémar Universidad de Málaga, Departamento de Economía y Administración de Empresas, Plaza El Ejido s/n, 29013 Málaga, Spain Spain



Family business, Hotels, Hedonic price, Family business branding, Family business performance


This paper seeks to address the lack of empirical research on family businesses in the Spanish hotel industry. Through a hedonic price model applied to Malaga hotels, this study assessed the impact on hotel room prices of whether or not a hotel is a family business. The results show that, when being a family-business hotel is considered, this has a negative impact on prices of about €10. The results are discussed based on a combined approach of profitability, brand and price strategies, which offers several ways to interpret the research outcomes. A first option is that Malaga family businesses follow a strategy of cost leadership. The second option is heavy brand investment by Malaga family hotels. Another option is that customers consider the family hotels of this destination unprofessional compared with non-family hotels.


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