European Journal of Family Business CiteScore 2023


CiteScore 2023 calculates the number of citations to articles, reviews, conference papers, book chapters, and data papers published in 2020-2023 divided by the total number of publications published in that period.

EJFB's CiteScore reached 2.2 in 2023. This is up from 1.4 in 2022 and 1.1 in 2021.

In the Industrial Relations category, EJFB is ranked 31/60. This is very close to the Q2 region. In the other categories, the EJFB is in a very similar position. Specifically, it is ranked 102/189 in the Business, Management & Accounting category, 406/716 in the Economics & Econometrics category, and 266/443 in the Business & International Management category.

This progress is possible thanks to the support and contribution of many researchers working in the field of family business, which encourages us to continue working towards the future.

Thanks to all the people who are part of our Editorial Board and Editorial Committee, to the authors, to the reviewers, and to the readers who make it possible for the EJFB family to continue to grow.