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Walter Redmond
Universidad de Austin, Texas
Estados Unidos
Núm. 23 (2020), Artículos
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An Inquiry concerning the State (Eine Untersuchung über den Staat) is the last of four  “phenomenological” writings that Edith Stein (1891-1942) composed before becoming a Catholic in 1922.  The work contains Stein’s political philosophy and theory of the state and appeared in the phenomenological journal Jahr­buch für Philosophie und phä­no­­menologische Forschung in 1925.  Her analyses are not only important theoretically; they also cast light on the political movements of her time (Adolf Hitler´s Mein Kampf was published in the same year) and indeed are quite relevant to the social turmoil and ideological controversies we are experiencing today.  The following is a sketch of Stein’s life and intellectual activity and a review of main topics she treats in work: state and community, sovereignty, people and nation, law, morality and religion.


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