The ARTxt journal aims to create an interdisciplinary reference framework for art and its praxis in order to encourage debate on the experimental nature and innovation processes in artistic productions. The journal, edited by the Publications Service of the University of Malaga, is published annually and its main objective is to publish original works, carried out with methodological rigor and that represent a contribution to research in the field of contemporary art, without losing sight of the interdisciplinary nature that characterizes this field of knowledge.


Focus and contents

Experimentation, production and dissemination of art: artistic processes, artistic experience and action, art practice and channels of dissemination and transfer.
Art and Education: teaching and learning art theories and practices; contributing purposes and pedagogies; expanding or discussing disciplinary boundaries; understanding research roles and frameworks: student, researcher and teacher.
Art history and theories: suggest aesthetic visions, art histories, theories, paradigms and frameworks of critical analysis.
Art and society: study cultural flows and institutionalized spaces (exhibitions, festivals, biennials, art market, cultural heritage) and alternative or independent spaces; reflect on the places of artistic production, consumption and exhibition (museum, gallery, studio, workshop); learn about policies of participation and social inclusion in art (race, identity, gender); report on media and technologies (the virtual and the real), etc.

Important dates

Deadline for submissions: Call for submissions is permanently open.
Confirmation of receipt of submission: 3 days.
Assignment of reviewers (blind peers): 90 days.
Notification of acceptance: 3-4 months from receipt of submission.
Publication date: January-February of each year.

Authors can send their submission through the following link: